Here’s the update on that scheduled U.S. attorney’s news conference on indictments related to distribution of illegal prescription drugs.

U.S. Attorney Chris Thyer said an indictment unsealed today charged 23 people with multiple charges in an investigation known as Big 80s, for the slang name for the 80 milligram oxycodone pill that is most popular with abusers. These new charges are in addition to those filed against 28 people in the investigation last year.


Here’s the news release summarizing the charges.

Noted: Familiar names in the indictmentJoseph P. “JP” Williams of Little Rock and Johnnie “Little Johnnie” Campbell and Keithen Pettus, both of North Little Rock. They were named in a number of counts for a variety of possession, distribution or conspiracy charges related to oxycodone or hydrocodone.


They were the three men in a car fired on Dec. 27 by a Park Plaza security officer (Little Rock Patrolman Christopher Johannes) when it reportedly backed up toward him at high speed when he went to question occupants about remarks people in the car had reportedly made to a passing teen woman. Williams, the driver, was hospitalized for his wounds. Pettus suffered a minor wound. Campbell wasn’t hit. Williams was charged with multiple charges in that case, including assault, possession of dilaudid and possesion of a weapon (he had a prior record).