Mark it down now. If Mike Huckabee runs for president in 2016, he will not be releasing his federal income tax returns.

Read more here about his remarkably petulant defense of Mitt Romney for evading tax return release in which he manages to again don his Birther clothing to smear President Barack Obama.

Speaking on The O’Reilly Factor, Huckabee said of Romney, “Let him make this challenge: ‘I’ll release my tax returns when Barack Obama releases his college transcripts and the copy of his admission records to show whether he got any loans as a foreign student. When he releases that, talk to me about my tax returns.'”

Huckabee agreed with O’Reilly that candidates just provide fodder with such disclosure. He dusted off a favorite line he used repeatedly in Arkansas to turn away questions about potentially embarrassing subjects he didn’t want to discuss:


And the thing is you get zero credit from the media for releasing them and then you buy yourselves a lot of grief. The question is, why would you help load a gun that’s pointed at your own head?

Obviously, if you are hiding live ammo, the problem is not with your questioner but with you. But Huck gets away with this kind of sophistry. Huckabee made one release, to limited media, during his era as governor. It did provide some clues about the private money making through which he used his public life to raise speaking fees and the like from various sources.