The line is open. Finishing up:

* GO, NEWT, GO: Maybe all candidates will get an ex-wife to talk about what a cruel, grandiose, wackjob they are. (A couple of minutes into the Daily Show opening above, it gets really good.) With exit polls showing white male Teabaggers predominating in voting in South Carolina, which is bat**** on a good day, I’d say polls predicting a Gingrich victory will be on the mark.



* MURDER SUSPECT: Fox 16 reports Little Rock police have issued a warrant for — but not yet arrested — a suspect in the Christmas eve slaying of Richard Ratley in a parking lot out Discovery, a late-night disco in the Riverdale warehouse district. Ratley apparently was shot when he went to the aid of his brother during a robbery.

The suspect has been identified as Edward Thompson III of Fort Smith. Police identified as a crack cocaine user known to frequent crack houses in the vicinity of 23rd and Fair Park.

* GOOD TEACHERS: Nicholas Kristof tells again for the Sunday New York Times, on-line now, the story about how a good teacher put books in the hands of a difficult poor black kid in the Delta. He grew up to be Judge Olly Neal of Marianna. It’s part of a plea to pay teachers more, in part to attract the women for whom teaching was once the readiest professional opportunity.

* CATCH AND RELEASE: A fisherman reports on the Game and Fish Facebook page that Little Rock Air Force Base has imposed a temporary catch-and-release policy on base lakes.

Based on some initial testing of trace metals… in small, non-edible bluegill fish and sediment in the base lakes, this catch and release measure is intended to allow the base’s environmental, public health and bioenvironmental engineering experts to conduct further testing on the lakes’ soil, water and fish. The risk of human health from eating fish caught in the base lakes is unknown at this time, but we have implemented the catch and release measures as a precaution until we have completed testing.