Gary Hollis at last nights Bryant City Council meeting

  • Brian Chilson
  • Gary Hollis at last night’s Bryant City Council meeting

Bryant’s city council meeting was nothing short of a circus (with sideshows) last night. Throughout the 3 hour (plus? I don’t know, I left three hours in) meeting, the room remained at standing-room capacity. Initially the overflow spilled out the door, but after Pastor Perry Black emphasized how much Family Church does not want a new road to cut through its property and Mayor “Republican” Jill Dabbs said she would work with the church, the crowd thinned out by about 200. And yet, people still lined the walls and crouched in aisles.

The most tense moments came when Interim City Attorney (and Republican party head) Doyle Webb attempted to discredit Nga Mahfouz, former City Attorney, fired by Dabbs earlier this month, and Gary Hollis, longtime Financial Director also fired by Dabbs and reinstated by the Council at the last general meeting. Second runner up — when Mayor Dabbs was served papers notifying her of a lawsuit, filed by former HR Director Shayne King for wrongful discharge and slander.

Webb stated that he could not find files in the attorney’s office for particular cases. He also asked the Council’s permission to bring a suit against Christopher Barnes, the IT vendor wanted by the county prosecutor for stealing roughly $50,000 from the city. “This breach of contract occurred in 2010, and your attorney took no action,” he said. The city attorney cannot file suit without the permission of the council.