Leafing through the print edition of the newspaper this week, I realized that our website sometimes doesn’t always readily showcase some stuff worth seeing. This week, for example:

WHO IS THAT MASKED WOMAN? Shes Andi Davis, a Hot Springs lawyer with a complaint about a judge.

  • WHO IS THAT MASKED WOMAN? She’s Andi Davis, a Hot Springs lawyer with a complaint about a judge.

* BOOBS AND BIRD FLU: Is there anyplace like Hot Springs for weird happenings? Here, it’s a story about a lawyer who complains about her treatment by a local judge, who objected to the attorney’s cleavage display on one occasion and made her wear a face mask, apparently fearing avian flu, on another.

* LOW-COST INTERNET: Lindsey Millar digs this week into how hard Comcast has tried to deliver on providing low-cost Internet, a requirement in its deal to take over NBC. Phone numbers available. Not much has been done locally.


* A PULASKI TECH TAX ULTIMATUM: I write this week about Pulaski Tech’s decision to seek property tax support in the county. I begin favorably inclined. But here’s a promise: if the school doesn’t fully disclose how money is spent on the campaign to pass the tax, I won’t support it.

* BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Our contribution to the observance is an article by UALR History Department Chair John Kirk, the reigning expert on Arkansas civil rights history. No, it’s not another story about Central High School. It’s about lunch counter sit-ins and the hard work of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Interesting history not well-known or remembered by most.


* H.A.M. IT UP: The restaurant review finds much to like at Hillcrest Artisan Meats, the new charcuterie on Kavanaugh. Get the fancy meatloaf or fried bologna (pate or mortadella) sandwiches.

H.A.M. IT UP: In Hillcrest.

  • H.A.M. IT UP: In Hillcrest.