KEN ADEN: Combat vet unafraid to talk about sensible gun regulation.

  • KEN ADEN: Combat vet unafraid to talk about sensible gun regulation.

Third District Democratic congressional Ken Aden gets a mention for his position on gun regulation in an MSNBC article about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s self-financed push for action against illegal guns. He’s backed gun show stings that have illustrated illicit trading in weapons, much to the dismay of the NRA, which claims — emptily — that existing restrictions are adequate.


The NRA, of course, will spend millions to defeat any candidate who displays common sense on gun issues, such as Aden. Perhaps a ton of criticism of Aden actually might help his lightly financed race against U.S. Rep. Steve Womack.

One such race is northwestern Arkansas, where a 33-year-old Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran named Ken Aden is challenging his former battalion commander for a Congressional seat. Aden is running as a progressive Democrat; his Republican opponent, Steve Womack, is a freshman incumbent, part of the Tea Party sweep of the 2010 midterm elections.

Aden, who has already met with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other party officials in Washington, has strong views on guns. He collects them, and say he knows what damage they can do. When Aden was 16 his father was shot and killed by his stepmother, using his dad’s own 357 magnum and his shotgun.
“We’ve got to keep guns out of the wrong hands,” Aden said.

He supports the background checks mandated by the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and has pledged in his platform to “fight to make sure that dangerous assault rifles and ammunition with no practical purpose in hunting, self-protection, or sport shooting … stay off our streets.”