Here it is. Final words:

* BOMBER APPEAL: Attorneys for Randeep Mann argued before a federal appeals court today that evidence was insufficient to convict him in a plot to bomb the chairman of the state Medical Board.

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* ANOTHER SHORTFALL IN STATE MONEY: Here’s a release about another money problem in state government — a shortfall in money for treatment of people going through drug courts. This resolution from drug court workers details how money has been cut and their belief that the program could be a big cost-saver over prisons. I’d like to see some hard evidence on the savings, because courts, probation officers and treatment aren’t free.

* OUTSOURCING GOVERNMENT: Leslie Peacock will report tonight on the meeting of the Little Rock Technology Park Authority. She’s learned today that the solicitation of engineering proposals was strange. Firms were encouraged not to submit bids or cost estimates because they’d be open to inspection. At least one firm that submitted financial data was asked to take it back. I’m not sure where the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce gets off deciding what is or isn’t and what should or shouldn’t be public from public data submitted to a public agency due to get millions in your public tax money. But their sense of entitlement is enormous, along with their public subsidy. Here’s a prediction: the Authority WILL NOT choose the firm that showed the initiative of assessing some of the pluses and minuses of the the three areas identified as potential sites for the technology park. That firm found many shortcomings in the area believed to be the wired choice — a neighborhood of several hundred homes along the south side of Interstate 630 stretching east from Monroe Street. (UPDATE: I’m already swallowing my prediction. Wrong. The firm apparently was chosen. But I’m not ready to swallow the prediction on what site is chosen.)


* LITTLE ROCK’S 8TH HOMICIDE: A shooting at 19th and Brown this afternoon has left one man dead. Fox 16 says the victim was found lying in the street.

* HUCK — THE NEXT LIMBAUGH? Report here says that Mike Huckabee will have a daily three-hour radio talk show. He’ll continue his TV show on Fox, plus existing radio shorts. He doesn’t call himself a Limbaugh competitor, but Cumulus, the company putting the show together, clearly sees him as an alternative. If he succeeds, there’s a much bigger house in his future in Florida. For now, he says he’s keeping political options open. He’ll be pitched as not as rigidly far-right as Limbaugh.


* MOMENT OF GRIEF: I’m told sheets of paper bearng the words “Remember Doc Hale” were placed on cars at George Wimberly’s funeral today. 24 years is a long time, but not long enough apparently.