Open for your comments. My final ones:

* FAYETTEVILLE ACCOUNTANT GETS NINE YEARS: Kimberly O’Dell, a former Fayetteville accountant, got a nine-year federal sentence for swindling clients out of more than $1.5 million.

* FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT: Nice little YouTube on the president who produced record increases in recipients, benefits and total expenditures on food stamps. No, it’s not the Kenyan.

* BRITS BESTED BY ‘WILD WEST’ ARKANSAS: Furor in British press over a Fort Smith firm winning the contract to print tickets for the 2012 Olympics in London. This account refers to Fort Smith as a “Wild West” town. Imagine if they could meet DBI. Daily Mail, also using “Wild West” label, calls it a “kick in the gut” to England.

* WHAT IF THE TEA PARTY HELD A SEMINAR ON PICKUP LINES? They did, at CPAC convention. Talking Points Memo covered. One suggestion: Take that blind date to a gun club. PS — Better they talk about pickup lines than go to the anti-diversity session that featured white supremacists.