Politico has scoop on coming White House compromise intended to quiet storm about the policy aimed at protecting access to contraception under employer health plans.

Details not available.


Prediction there is that Catholic bishops won’t accept it. Of course they won’t. They and many Republicans are at war against women’s rights and birth control pills (even when used for therapeutic reasons). I’ll be surprised if they don’t stand behind the Rubio- and Boozman-backed legislation to allow any employer to remove contraception coverage from health policies.

Too late for reason to intervene, but I’d still encourage you to listen to constitutional law authority David Boies explain how this is not a religious issue, but a labor law issue. Could a hospital or college that operates in the public sector that believed in child labor or opposed hiring Muslims legally employ children or refuse to hire a Muslim? Of course it could not.


PS — Polling continues to show CATHOLIC voters favor contraception coverage. This pollster also says, overall, that social issues fail as campaign issue to jobs and economy. You wouldn’t know that listening to Rick Santorum. Polls says 46 percent of Catholics less likely to vote for Romney over his anti-contraception stance, while it helps him with only 28 percent. Maybe the president shouldn’t chicken out.

PPS — It has been established law since 2000 — and George Bush never objected to the EEOC ruling — that employers with more than 15 employees who provide prescription coverage must provide birth control pill coverage. If you don’t offer prescriptions or offer no insurance at all you are exempt. It’s a simple civil rights question. It grew out of employers’ hurry to cover men’s Viagra while they were failing to cover birth control pills. This is the reason many businesses with religious affiliation — hospitals and universities, for example — already provide contraception under health insurance plans. In other words, this big fight about religous freedom is a bunch of dishonest bull. But the Republicans and the Catholic Church already knew that.


“We have used [the EEOC ruling] many times in negotiating with various employers,” says Judy Waxman, the vice president for health and reproductive rights at the National Women’s Law Center. “It has been in active use all this time. [President Obama’s] policy is only new in the sense that it covers employers with less than 15 employees and with no copay for the individual. The basic rule has been in place since 2000.”

PPPS — Where’s a bloody shirt to wave, Mike Huckabee will be there to wave it. He told CPAC “we are all Catholics now.” Law don’t mean squat to the Huckster. He went further on the religious front, suggesting that President Obama is “stealing from God” for not giving 10 percent of his income to church or charity. I don’t think the Huckster has released a copy of his income tax return for comparison.