THE GLASGOW SEARCH: It proved fruitless.

Officers with the Little Rock Police Department spent several days in late January guarding a windswept soybean field near England where Faulkner County Jail inmate Jon Brawner said the body of missing construction executive John Glasgow was buried, only to have ground penetrating radar brought in by the Arkansas Archeological Survey on January 26 turn up nothing but some ancient Native American sites and a little farming debris.

So what did the operation cost, and what’s the potential fallout for Brawner? Lt. Terry Hastings said the department doesn’t have a total yet, but the police overtime pay alone amounts to $32,210.24. “That doesn’t count the on-duty, regular time personnel,” Hastings said. “We don’t have a count on that. That was strictly the overtime for guys to watch that [field] while we were searching.” Hastings said there were detectives and other officers on duty at the field during the scanning process, and the LRPD hasn’t received a bill yet for a day’s use of the ground-penetrating radar unit and operators.

As for Brawner, Hastings said: “We are looking at the possibility of charging him with [filing] a false police report.”


Police have not said what, if any, other information Brawner provided that encouraged them to take his account seriously, beyond the absence of any advantage to Brawner of making a false claim.

— David Koon