Republicans continue to demonstrate their essential disrespect and condescension for equal rights for women.

Check out Rick Santorum’s main money man, Foster Friess, lament a “preoccupation with sex” — I think that’s more likely placed at feet of Santorum and Religious Right — and the solution to contraceptive needs is for women to hold an aspirin between their knees. He offers no similar common sense advice for poor women who take birth control pills for a variety of medical reasons.

Any day now, I look for the Arkansas GOP Caucus to attempt to introduce legislation to roll back the law signed by Gov. Mike Huckabee in 2005 to mandate coverage of birth control pills in health insurance policies. Sen. Rapert? Rep. Burris? Sen. Irvin? Call it the Aspirin Between Knees Act of 2011.

UPDATE: The Democratic message — Where Are the Women?

UPDATE II: Friess apologizes for his ‘joke.’