The line is open. To conclude:

* FAYETTEVILLE IS FOR RELIGION: The Fayetteville Free Thinkers are properly exercised about the discovery that a Fayetteville city parks worker has the OK to carve crosses into the trunks of trees he cuts down, though others who mark on trees are fined. In Fayetteville, approval of religious symbols on public property by public workers? Justin Harris and Jason Rapert will be gathering at the flagpole any minute now should somebody decide to honor the U.S. Constitution after all. But really, why do the religionists insist on forcing their philosophy on others. Might I chainsaw Thou Shalt Not Kill — Prison Inmates into a Fayetteville park tree stump? Or “Love Thy Neighbor — Even gay ones”?


* DEMOCRATS ON OFFENSE: Michael Cook at Talk Business highlights some legislative races where the Democratic Party is exhibiting some vigor and has potential for takeovers.

* LLOYD GEORGE SERVICES: The family’s obituary on former state Rep. Lloyd George, with service information. Visitation 5-7 Tuesday at Cornwell Funeral Home in Danville. Funeral at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Mount George Cemetery.


* UNHAND OUR WOMEN, SUH! The Republican p**** posse has struck again, this time in Alabama, with another mandatory vaginal penetration ultrasound bill, perhaps soon to be known as Ritual Humiliation Legislation, as a NOW spokeswoman suggested on cable tonight. The sponsor said he might be willing to give up the up-the-wazoo probe, but he still insists on mandating a medical procedure for women (and, bonus, one of the bill’s backers is tied to a company that sells ultrasound equipment). You KNOW these jokers oppose federal health INSURANCE mandates. But mandates for making women accept medical procedures whether they want them or not, including a probe in their genitals? They’ll decide what’s best for women, thanks very much. Could we get all the male Republicans who carried anti-choice legislation in Arkansas to declare on the legalize-rape-by-instrument legislation?