THE WORST: Jon Hubbard

  • THE WORST: Jon Hubbard

A little Keith Olbermann-style hyperbole headline — Worst Legislator in the World — is always in order for state Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro, the meanest of the anti-imigrant contingent in the legislature.


Don’t believe me? Check out the e-mail he sent to Health Department director Paul Halverson (copies to all Republican legislators) demanding birth certificates be produced before the state supplies any non-emergency health care. Halverson responds calmly. This would be a burdensome rule many Arkansans would have a hard time fulfilling, he notes. Plus, better health means providing health care, not denying it.

Speaking of unhinged legislators, check out Wyoming, where the Republicans are working on a bill to prepare for the collapse of the federal government — studying a Wyoming military draft, issuing the state’s own currency and such. The story even mentions a study for what conditions would require Wyoming to acquire an aircraft carrier.


Back to Hubbard’s harangue of the state Health Department: