I mentioned yesterday Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s new website on consumer issues and advertising campaign for that effort supported by money he won in a lawsuit settlement. Political opponents immediately jumped him for the age-old practice of statewide politicians using their office budgets for websites and other publications that present them in a favorable light. (I join them in objections to McDaniel’s general unfettered use of lawsuit money as state lawyer, legislature and governor in dispensing that money, though the settlement from which this money was drawn at least specifically approved spending in his consumer protection division.)


One of those critics was Lt. Gov. Mark Darr. He said the website was self-serving and told the Democrat-Gazette:

“His picture is all over it, so I think that is a little self-serving. My objection is to promoting himself instead of the people he is protecting and also his office, and him personally, having access to millions of dollars in settlement funds as opposed to the Legislature allotting that money,” he said.

Above, you’ll see the morning screen shot of Darr’s own taxpayer-funded website. It merely has FIVE slots for photos and video of Mark Darr.


Blithering hypocrite of the day.