When the Moonie Washington Times says Republicans are losing the fight on President Obama’s policy to cover women’s preventive care, including birth control, you know Republicans are losing the fight.

Their fight with President Obama over contraceptive coverage is becoming a losing battle for Republicans, a significant chunk of whom reject GOP leaders’ stance that it’s a fight about religious liberty, according to the latest Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll.

While a majority of Republicans side with their party’s leaders, a striking 30 percent agree with Mr. Obama’s stance that his contraception mandate is about women’s health.

Regarding young voters, the poll has even worse news for the GOP.

“Drop this baby right now. Drop it. This is not a winner,” John Zogby, the pollster who conducted the survey, said by way of advising the GOP. “I don’t know if the White House was smart enough to box Republicans into a corner on this — I don’t know if it was by plan — but I think it worked out that way.”

Also today on the Republican sex obsession beat comes a report on Huffington Post about state and local legislative reactions around the country against invasive medical mandates against women in furtherance of the Republican Party’s anti-birth control, anti-abortion and generally anti-woman platform.


* From Illlinois, a proposal that men be required to view a graphic video about dangers of Viagra before receiving a prescription.

* From Delaware, a sperm equality proposal.


* From Oklahoma, a law against semen wasting.

* From Virginia, a mandatory rectal exam for men seeking Viagra.


* From Ohio, required psychological screenings to get Viagra.

AND FINALLY: Ernie Dumas delves this week into Rush, the Republicans’ obsession with sex and control of people’s lives. (BTW: Arkansas Republicans and their apologists are saying no Republican politician should have to comment on Rush’s misogyny. Really? He was only carrying the party strategy to demonize a woman not allowed to testify before the all-male show trial staged against contraception by House Republicans. At the very least, don’t you think Arkansas lawmakers should have a comment on the elemental lack of fairness in Congress on this issue and the violently offensive treatment given to a woman who gave sworn testimony before Congress in another venue? I do.)