Students at Santa Monica College got a dose of pepper spray for a public protest over a college fee increase proposal.

It would appear the “unlawful act” alleged by college officials was congregation of students in a hallway rather than a designated overflow room for a meeting of the college board.


No word if any of the students committed the Little Rock crimes of mouthing off to a private security guard or objecting to police presence in one’s home for mouthing off to a private security guard.

ALSO: This seems a good place to mention that Arkansas native and baseball millionaire Torii Hunter had an encounter with guns-drawn cops in his California home yesterday after a security alarm was accidentally triggered.


Hunter said he was lying on the couch watching TV when he saw two officers in his backyard approaching the back door.

“I saw the cops and turned around and they had their guns out, saying, ‘Show me your hands!’ ” Hunter said. “I’m like, ‘All right, I’m cool.’ I had a pistol upstairs. I’m a licensed gun owner. I’m glad I didn’t get it because I could have been shot. What would have happened if I went out there?”

Hunter said the officers instructed him to sit down and began asking him questions. He said he told them his ID was upstairs, so they walked behind him up the stairs with their guns drawn.

“After a while, the guy told me, ‘I’m a big Angels fan. I watch you all the time,’ ” Hunter said. “I’m like, ‘Come on, man.’ “

Hunter’s Twitter account reported the incident and said that he thought cops acted professionally and did a “great job” of protecting his home. One comment:

I didn’t panic bcuz back in the hood I’ve seen a lot of action! Lol.

His original posts:


My alarm went off in my house while I was in it. 20mins later I saw cops checking out the scene. Went outside and they drew there guns on me

They didn’t believe I lived here in Newport coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID.

When I showed him my ID, he said I’m an angel fan hope u guys have a great season. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!! Lol