PINPOINTING BURGLARIES: See Forbidden Hillcrest for link to details.

  • PINPOINTING BURGLARIES: See Forbidden Hillcrest for link to details.

It’s an open line. But I leave you with, first, some reporting by Paul Carr’s essential Forbidden Hillcrest blog:


* CRIME: Carr has put together a map of year-to-date burglaries in the northern half of Little Rock by location. The link to the work is at his site.

* PETRINO COMMENTARY: It’s everywhere, but a Fayetteville reader recommends this CBS commentator who says Petrino MUST and WILL be fired for reasons related to the employee relationship of his biking companion. Putting aside the fact that this presumes some facts about the rider that we don’t yet know, I’m not so sure I agree. “Often wrong, always sure” is my usual motto. But I’m not possessed of my typical certainty here about what Jeff Long should do. Finding out more is a good place to start.


Oh, and, have you heard “Ballad of Bobby Petrino?”

* TODAY’S GOP: HIJACKING AND TORCHING ROCKEFELLER’S LEGACY: Good column by the AP’s Andrew DeMillo in which he seeks from Arkansas Republicans an explanation for how they could, with a straight face, try to wrap themselves in the legacy of Win Rockefeller given the certain opposition they’d have to much he did and vice versa. Oh, wait. Doyle Webb came up with the FOI (enacted by a virtually all-Democratic legislature). And …….?


* UNION BACKS SCOTT ELLINGTON: Scott Ellington, the Jonesboro prosecutor, today announced his endorsement by the Arkansas AFL-CIO in his Democratic primary race for 1st District Congress, over Rep. Clark Hall and Gary Latanich. Not surprised that the establishment party favorite, Hall, got bypassed. He’s a Blue Dog, in essence. Latanich, on the other hand, is a true-blue progressive. But his ragged campaign probably didn’t give the union cause for optimism, though surely he gave good answers to their questions.

UPDATE: Another chapter in the book on tough situations cops face. It’s a lengthy report from the Pulaski sheriff’s office. It took multiple officers, multiple jolts with a Taser and lots of scuffling to subdue a couple claiming to “Moors” and beyond the reach of the laws of the United States, whether for car and driver registration or anything else. They seem to be locals who’d adopted new identities in the “sovereign citizen” mode. Even after being subdued, one vowed to file liens against everyone involved in their arrest, a favorite tactic of the movement.