Discussions yesterday about the State Police role in reacting to Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle wreck April 1 reminded me of a tip I got relative to who first broke the news of that incident.


It was first reported, this reader says, on woopig.net, one of the many Razorback sports chat boards.

You’ll see at this link that a poster going by the handle “hoggrad” wrote at 10:33 p.m. that day, about four hours after the wreck and the day before the university released the family’s statement about the accident:


Why has no one commented about what happened to Bobby tonight?

Other posters reviled him for trying to smear Pope Petrino, his football excellency. Events would soon prove that hoggrad was onto something.

Who is hoggrad?


I have an idea. It starts with the Arkansas State Police. Several officers were in the chain of people in the loop that night. It is a small, chatty state, isn’t it? And it only again makes you wonder how Hog hierarchy could have been so much in the dark until the last minute about Petrino’s companion on the ride that afternoon (we now know the State Police was aware he had a female companion from the outset, because she called Capt. Lance King) and about his relationship with staff member Jessica Dorrell. It IS possible, particularly on the latter part, that they were factually in the dark and not inclined to be too suspicious. Denial is a human a reaction to the appearance of unpleasant truths. It is, as one friend put it, as routine as a hound dog’s propensity to dissemble when asked about his dogitude.

PS — They only drew 200 to a campus Save Bobby demonstration last night? Whatever happened to student activism? If nothing else, speaking for the 1960s, demonstrations were always viewed as a choice opportunity to pick somebody up. (OK, the reality for some wasn’t so hot.)