CHARACTER CLAUSE: Jeff Long cited it in firing Bobby Petrino.

  • CHARACTER CLAUSE: Jeff Long cited it in firing Bobby Petrino.

The University of Arkansas this afternoon has released the letter written by Athletic Director Jeff Long to fire football coach Bobby Petrino.
It cited the conduct clause we’d noted from the first as problematic when it became apparent Petrino had covered up Jessica Dorrell’s presence with him because of their intimate relationship. Had he known about that relationship of several months’ duration, he wouldn’t have approved Dorrell’s hiring because of the conflict of interest, Long said.


Long salso ays that Petrino should have told him about the $20,000 gift he’d given Dorrell when he recommended her for hiring. I’d learned earlier that Petrino says this was a Christmas present to Dorrell, who he recommended for hiring March 12. But Long also says the $20,000 was used by Dorrell to buy a black Acura, which I reported about here Tuesday, the week she was hired.

Read the letter, in which Long praises Petrino for his football work and wishes him and his the family the best. “Have a nice day, Alice.”


Here’s a letter from the UA explaining the process by which the documents are dribbling out.

UPDATE: Note in the materials that the normal rules of a 30-day period on posting was waived in the Dorrell hiring and her interview was scheduled before the waiver was received. Sports Illustrated has examined at length how Petrino bent the rules, including on qualifications with a football program, with university acquescence. Until Apri 1, the UA would agree to just about anything Petrino wanted.