Have at it. Max will likely check in from New Orleans later on.

* CHECKING IN: What is a day without a report from Bryant on the cluster**** that has ensued under the leadership of Mayor Jill “Republican” Dabbs. Checks not honored, messed up financial reports. Not her fault, of course.


* WHAT COLLEGE CAN EXIST WITHOUT HIGH-PAID ADMINISTRATORS: Got to love the followup on the earlier item about staff complaints at Northwest Arkansas Community College about low staff pay, higher tuition and fat raises for bigshots. The college explains administrators might leave without the big bucks (including that secretary who got a 20 percent raise, presumably.) Teachers, they are a dime a dozen. Chumps. Another streetcar full of them will be along any minute.

* HE TWEREN’T NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG: Sure, you gotta love hot texting by the football coach with a department squeeze and a bikini model. And who knows what other treasures might turn up with all the phone records dumped yesterday.


I ask you merely to chew on this:

I have asked for other phone records at UA, including those of Jeff Long and the PR apparatus. No records yet. No problem. They have a lot on their plate. BUT …. they couldn’t get Petrino’s out fast enough. Or volunteer fast enough Tuesday that he had given $20,000 to a woman he later hired. The big money sure sounds salacious, doesn’t it? It’s certainly proof of an abiding friendship. Relevant to employent issues? I’m not so sure. Maybe he’s telling the truth. Maybe the affair had ended, from an intimate point of view. The texting sure dropped off in 2012. Maybe a motorcycle ride was just a motorcycle ride.


What I’m really driving at is this. I’m learning that a growing number of people knew Sunday night April 1 that Petrino had a blonde companion on his wayward motorcycle. Were UA administrators really totally clueless to his extracurricular activities until the police report April 5 on the wreck? Or did they just avert their eyes previously? These are important questions that are not answered by Petrino’s firing.