FAREWELL: Kaiti Tidwell (left) recalls happier with a friend as she prepared to leave the U.S.

  • FAREWELL: Kaiti Tidwell (left) recalls happier times with a friend as she prepared to leave the U.S.

The news report on Channel 4 last night perhaps was a cause for celebration for those agitating for mass deportation of all the “illegal aliens” sucking the blood out of these United States.


But there was little celebration at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport as friends and family bid farewell to Kaiti Tidwell, fleeing the U.S. ahead of deportation for a return to her native Mexico and a long process that she hopes will return her to the U.S. with documented status.

You could says she’s a wetback, floated across the Rio Grande by her mother, a migrant farm laborer, at the age of six months. She was adopted by an Arkansas family and lived the normal life of a Centerpoint High student as her adopted parents tried in vain to establish her citizenship, a process stymied in part because she was without established citizenship in Mexico.


Sad story. An easier path to citizenship for people who’ve lived in this country, gone to school and paid society’s dues seems more in keeping with the American ideal than packing Kaiti Tidwell off to a foreign land. Ask your favorite legislative candidate about illegal alien Kaiti Tidwell.