Dr. Good

  • Dr. Good

Dr. Mary Good, the chairman of the board of directors of the Little Rock Technology Park Authority, said today that while the board isn’t legally required to file statements of financial interests, she believes they will do so. “I think everyone has agreed to do it anyway,” she said.

There has been a push from citizens for members of the public board, which will receive $22 million in tax dollars, to disclose their financial interests, as do other public board and commission members. The legislation that created the Authority did not include language requiring disclosure, and the city attorney has opined that it doesn’t have to.

Now, Good said, the board is researching what state agency should receive the forms.


Good said no one on the board had a conflict of interest and that the main objection was the time it would take for directors to gather up information for the statements. She said the board’s decision will be “finalized” at the May 16th meeting of the board.

Board member Dickson Flake confirmed Good’s statement, saying the board took a poll on the idea and all agreed to voluntarily file the forms. “Didn’t take me long,” Flake said. “Mine is just about completed.”


At the last meeting of the Authority board, Joe Busby of the Fair Park Neighborhood Association, a member of the University Development Board, asked the board to adopt what he called a “Social Contract” with the city that, among other things, would require financial disclosure.