Help needed. I can’t remember which week is on and which week is off for the city’s new single-stream recycling service. Yes, I can find the map on-line that tells me the day it is picked up. But I haven’t yet mastered the code for finding if it’s this week or next. Is this week a green week or a yellow week? Judging by neighbors who’ve dutifully been rolling out the new green-and-yellow monsters every week in hopes of hitting the pickup jackpot, I am not alone.

I could call 311, if only it operated during the hours I’m at home before and after work. Suggestions?

Since these bins need not be rolled out every week, given their cumbersome size, I suspect confusion such as mine might be an ongoing thing. A handier system for reminders of when our lucky week rolls around might be useful.

UPDATE: Found! There is, after all, a page on the city website with a calendar illustrating the green and yellow weeks, though a search for it last night defeated me.

Others, like me, who tend toward confusion might want to bookmark this link. It is, indeed, “yellow” week.