You remember the story about the lawsuit filed last week concerning tampering with a type of lottery scratchoff ticket? At a minimum, ticket sellers found that a tiny pinprick could reveal when a certain type of ticket (shown) was worth an instant $50 and apparently went through a store supply to find winners and sell losers.

This happenstance suggests that the design of the ticket could have been improved so that it wasn’t so readily susceptible to tampering. The lawsuit also alleges, however, that the lottery security chief, Lance Huey, told an unhappy buyer of losing tickets who discovered the tampering that there’d been a problem in the production of the tickets. The lottery so far has not responded to specific questions about that, citing the pending lawsuit.

I’ve asked for any correspondence with vendor Scientific Games relative to this problematic series of tickets.

But I did get an answer to one question:

Are the lottery tickets subject to the lawsuit still being sold?



No answer was forthcoming to that question.

Your odds against winning remain overwhelming, moreso if there are any other dishonest ticket sellers who are aware of an easy way to find and segregate winners.

UPDATE: The LRPD has released a report on the complaint about illegal activity filed for its investigation. It identifies the store where tickets were allegedly taken by three employees as a Raceway at 6425 S. University. It had not been identified in the lawsuit. A store official identified three former employees as suspects in thefts of more than $1,500 worth of tickets over three months. If each one paid off $50 the value of the theft was far higher, naturally.