HOG FOR A DAY: John Boehner.

  • HOG FOR A DAY: John Boehner.

House Speaker John Boehner was spotted in Little Rock yesterday — lunch at Whole Hog Cafe and at Cajun’s Wharf during the evening hours.


What’s that about? Raising money would be my guess.

UPDATE: The State Police confirms it is providing transporation and security for Boehner, who remains in Little Rock today, but referred all other questions to his office or the U.S. Capitol Police, which requested assistance.


A betting man seeking Boehner might think a good place to find a nexus of money, Republicans and Boehner’s favorite hobby would be Warren Stephens’ Alotian Golf Course. But that man could expect to find a brusque greeting at the security gate. If the private force isn’t sufficient to keep you out, Jacob Farque will just call in a horde of Little Rock cops.

UPDATE: Reports are that U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin helped raise money last night for Boehner’s PAC at the Capital Hotel, owned by Griffin’s chief money man, the same guy that owns the golf course, Warren Stephens. Talk is that $100,000 might have been raised.