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* 2014: Lots of “considerings” emerging from the horde of Democrats and Republicans likely to run for governor in 2014. This one angle interests me. U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, presuming he survives Herb Rule this year, is widely believed to be planning a run for governor. This makes some sense. He could try to cast himself as having crossover appeal in a general election. Based on the facts, that’s a joke. He’s been a rigid right-wing Tea Party conservative in every way. Still. He’s a formidable candidate. But could he beat a strong Northwest Arkansas candidate in the Republican primary — Darr, Hutchinson, Womack, whoever? He’d need a huge vote in Pulaski, presuming his home county likes him much.

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* ‘ADULT NOVELTIES’ STOLEN: KAIT in Jonesboro reports that UPS dropped off a box containing $530 worth of “adult novelties” from the retailer For Your Pleasure in the carport of a local home, but the box was gone when the homeowner arrived.

* TALK ABOUT DEATH PANELS: It has escaped notice, but this item makes clear what Republicans anticipate as an alternative to Obamacare. Nothing. Repeal. Period. Those who’d previously been without insurance or hope of getting it will be back to square one. Screwed. Die, poor folks. Or get a job. (Original link corrected. And it wasn’t nice for those who suggested the link that went to a news release about Republican Rep. Nate Bell fit an item about adult novelties.)


* FORMER LR SCHOOL CHIEF DIES IN ST. LOUIS: Henry P. Williams, a former Little Rock school superintendent who had a stormy tenure here and then got in bigger trouble as Riverview Gardens schools superintendent in St. Louis, died last month at 70, a St. Louis paper reported. He owed more than $300,000 in taxes and restitution for his travels and gambling on the Riverview district. He was removed in 2007 and pleaded no contest to theft and tax fraud charges. He received a prison sentence and was ordered to make restitution, but didn’t pay off the debt. In St. Louis, he directed district money to his daughter, girlfriend and her familiy. The district budgeted $1.7 million on travel, including tabs for flying Williams to London, Yellowstone National Park and Cape Town, South Africa. Prosecutors showed he gambled 900 days during the 1,800 days he served as superintendent and lost as much as $176,000.