ROBOASA: Hutchinson has been making calls.

  • ROBOASA: Hutchinson has been making calls.

Former Republican congressman and former Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Republican Party leader Asa Hutchinson has recorded robocalls that are now making the rounds in support of non-partisan state Supreme Court candidate Raymond Abramson.

It’s not real surprising. Hutchinson has been a financial supporter of Abramson.

I was just curious about the script. I remember 2010 and the blatant appeal to partisan politics in the robocall made by Mike Huckabee in behalf of Rhonda Woods. She was a candidate for state Court of Appeals and played the Republican card repeatedly in her losing race against Jo Hart in 2010.


Did somebody say Court of Appeals Judge Jo Hart? Yes, that’s Abramson’s opponent this year and thus, yet again, the target of a high profile Republican’s robocalling.

I don’t have the script, but Hutchinson tells me it’s just positive remarks about Abrahamson and what I’ve heard bears that out. It lists Abramson’s legal experience and lauds his common sense, humility and belief in “strict interpretation of the law.” Said Hutchinson: “I met with him and liked him. I liked his spirit and his humbleness. He practiced law in a small town like I have. He has terrific judicial temperament.”


Hutchinson said his call made no reference to partisan politics (except that he identifies himself as a former congressman) and didn’t know if the call was being used generally or targeted to voters identified as Republican leaning. He said he wouldn’t inject party politics into such a call.

“I would not do that. I worked hard for nonpartisan election of judges and I want to keep them nonpartisan.”