Robocalling in behalf of state Supreme Court candidate Raymond Abramson, which I mentioned yesterday, prompted me to look at the last campaign finance reports to be filed before the election Tuesday between him and fellow Court of Appeals Judge Jo Hart.



Abramson, of Holly Grove, who got off to an early start, holds a commanding lead in money. He’s raised $315,000 from contributors and has spent $356,000, covering the overruns with $44,000 in personal loans.

Hart, of Mountain View, has raised only $44,000, but she’s spent $159,000, thanks to personal loans of $115,000.


Contributions on both sides come from all points on the partisan spectrum, though Abramson’s business establishment preference seems clear. Hart has received a small Democratic Party contribution from the local county committee and a touch of union PAC money.


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As others have noted, Hart may run with judge affixed to her name on the ballot. Abramson, serving by appointment, cannot. In the year of a gender gap at the top of the national ticket, I’m not sure it isn’t a plus to be a female candidate this year. Though underfinanced, Hart has managed to place her TV well enough that I’ve seen it a lot. Her crusty pitch about being a retired Army “full bird colonel” has a no-nonsense appeal. Abramson’s warm biographical pitch, emphasis on small-town values, is good, too.

It’s safe to say percentage vote results in this race won’t track campaign contributions.