Weather Service says the 93 recorded in North Little Rock exceeded the record for the date of 90, but the 94 in Little Rock fell short by a couple of degrees. Still. Hot enough for me.

The line is open. Final word and one worth watching:

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* REPUBLICANS GOING WOBBLY ON OBAMACARE: Well, not exactly. They still want to repeal it and repeal it now and will cheer when the Republican majority Supreme Court issues a political ruling crippling or killing it.

But then what?


Talking Points Memo notes that Republicans, including notable ‘baggers, are already talking about re-enacting things like insurance for those with pre-existing conditions and family coverage for kids up to 26. And then there’s doing something about continuing coverage of the “doughnut hole” left in the original Medicare drug plan.

Well. That’s nice. But the pre-existing coverage won’t work unless everyone is required to buy insurance so as to spread the cost over more people young and old. A mandate, in other words.


It’ll be too late for the rational, but all this noise about Obamacare, though it might win a political battle for Republicans, will be a lost war for the health of Americans.

Spare me, ES. I still favor single payer. But it’s not on the table and won’t be. I live in the reality world, though it’s surreal when the Repubs are in control.