The line is open. Final words:

* HOW HOT WAS IT? Record hot is what — 97.


* YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: Lane shifting will be in progress Wednesday and Thursday at the I-430/630 intersection and the Highway Department suggests avoiding it is the best way to avoid this construction project bottleneck. It was confusing yesterday before that major work was underway and they had a big wreck out there today, too. I’d say avoid it for, oh, three months or so.

* FUSSING IN FAYETTEVILLE: Fayetteville High debate teacher Tim Hollis sued the school district today over the superintendent’s decision to suspend him until he took anger management classes. The suit turns technically on allegations about that the superintendent has acted outside bounds of personnel policies, but at its core is a free speech issue. Hollis reportedly had fielded some complaints from other teachers about the high school principal’s allegedly intimidating management style. He sent an e-mail informing them of their rights under personnel policies. The superintendent has said the e-mail was defamatory, which Hollis disputes. Here’s a draft of the lawsuit.


* SPEAKING OF BULLYING: A note on the subject goes viral.

* NEW HAMPSHIRE REPUBLICAN STAR A FRAUD: Where’s the Breitbart video cam on this one?


* NORTH LITTLE ROCK RELEASED FROM DESEGREGATION CASE: Following the lead of an earlier 8th Circuit Court decision, federal Judge Price Marshall today declared the North Little Rock School District fully desegregated. That makes two in the Pulaski County school case — Little Rock and North Little Rock. The beleaguered Pulaski district still has miles to go. And arguments continue on whether the state may quit its promise to support interdistrict and magnet schools that benefit all three districts.