The Democrat-Gazette’s Charlie Frago brought up again this morning the fact that an uncle a cousin for whom Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was named lived in Arkansas for eight years and, when he died 37 years ago, was buried in a Little Rock cemetery. The amusing part was Republican messaging at its finest. There is nothing too obscure to be massaged into a pro-GOP theme:

State Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb, who didn’t know about the state’s Romney connection, said having the GOP nominee’s namesake buried in Little Rock may help Romney win in Pulaski County. Romney is already expected to easily carry the state.

“They say you can’t win a county if you don’t have a grandfather buried there. He’s not a grandfather, but he’s pretty close,” Webb said.

Obama carried the county 55-43 over John McCain in 2008. Ah, but did voters know then about Uncle Cousin Mitt?


Obama ought to be good under this theory, in Newton County, where Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather is buried. Or maybe in Carroll, where a Confederate veteran uncle was laid to rest. But probably not. Indeed, even Pulaski probably won’t be so hot this year. But I don’t think it will have anything to do with Cousin Mitt.