AT THE DEBATE: Ellington and Hall on Channel 4.

  • AT THE DEBATE: Ellington and Hall on Channel 4.

1st District Democratic congressional runoff candidates had a quickie debate during the noon hour today on Channel 4.


I could catch only a quick glimpse. Anybody else?

Both favored farm support programs — surprise. I thought Jonesboro prosecutor Scott Ellington did a pretty good job sounding knowledgeable against Clark Hall of Marvell on farm issues. Do YOU know the current price of urea?


Hall raised Ellington’s role as prosecutor in the deal that released the West Memphis Three. Hall seemed to call for a continued search for the killers of three West Memphis children. Ellington said he didn’t intend to reopen the investigation unless someone came forward with evidence to review. Ellington challenged Hall’s vote against a scholarship program for kids of veterans killed in the Middle East.

In closing:


* ELLINGTON: Would work across party aisles. First objective in Washington: Farm bill.

* HALL: “I’ve worked with Mike Beebe.” He also cited support from former Rep. Marion Berry, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and legislators from the region. “I am a candidate for the people.”

Channel 4 will bring 4th District Democrats Q. Byrum Hurst and Sen. Gene Jeffress to the noon show on Monday. I kind of liked the rapid-fire format.

You can now replay the debate at this link.