So speaking of improvements to Robinson Center and improvements to the music hall, a $65 million project with no immediate source of funding:


How about taking the $22 million set aside for an office building that a handful believe will provide a lure for technology companies (though why ample existing facilities aren’t sufficient to do this has never been clear) And take the $28 million or so anticipated to be necessary from a bond issue to go into that same project. And seek a local philanthropist who likes to put his family name on things. And add the money the Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission hopes to produce for this project.

And then MAKE A STATEMENT in rebuilding or replacing Robinson Center. Many cities have done this. See the Walt Disney Symphony Hall in Los Angeles above.


OK. Dream over. Move along. Nothing to see in Little Rock but a continuation of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce theology that free enterprise is built on a foundation of taxpayer handouts and that you make a statement about your city by doing things on the cheap or at least as cheaply as possible under the circumstances.