Midweek. You’re on. I’m out with:

* ONLINE CHECKBOOK: State DF&A officials are giving previews to politicians of the state’s online checkbook. It’s debuting July 1. Will include phone access.

* TAX FRAUD INDICTMENT: The Justice Department says six people — five from Pine Bluff and one from Altheimer — have been indicted in a scheme to defraud the government with phony income tax returns totaling $1.7 million.

* HUCKABEE’S HOLY LAND: Suddenly, lots of Israel on the radar.



1) Mike Huckabee is signing up travelers for his umpteenth guided tour to the Holy Land, this time with guests including Tony Orlando and Larry Gatlin. $4,825 a person for a nine-day trip.

2) Wonder what Huckabee thought if he heard the NPR report this week on how Israel has become known as one of the gay-friendliest countries anywhere — a haven, even, for gay people. Jersualem is more conservative, however, and Huck’s Bible-based tour probably spends more time there than Tel Aviv.


3) Or what about this chilling story of the handling of a couple of U.S. citizens of Arab descent — young professional women — on their attempt to visit Israel? Denied, after searches, e-mail inspection and hours of interrogation.