John Lyon of Stephens Media was on hand last night for Democrat Herb Rule’s campaign opening event for 2nd District Congress, now held by hard-right, Roveite Tea Party sympathizer Tim Griffin.

Rule said he’d rise above “partisan bickering” to work in the interest of all, not just the privileged few. Notably, Rule said he’d work “to create an equal chance to contribute and prosper for all, old and young, women and men, native and immigrant, straight and gay.”

There are a couple of words in Rule’s talk you aren’t likely to hear a Republican tossing around with anything but a sneer — “immigrant” and “gay.” And when it comes to women, the Republicans have lots of ideas, mostly in the realm of restricting their medical services, including availability of birth control pills, and continuing pay discrimination. You also won’t want to be old in Tim Grifin’s America. Social Security will be privatized; Medicare will be only for those who can afford it in the utopian Republican future. (The wealthy will have all the guns they need to defend themselves from the angry, sick peasants gathered at the gates to their palaces.)


My point is this: Rule joins other Democrats — Scott Ellington in the 1st notably — talking about bipartisanship. It’s a poll-tested message and it would be nice to think it was possible. Unfortunately, compromise to Republicans means this: “Vote my way, down the line, or I will destroy you.” The policy differences are so stark, warfare — never mind bickering — seems inevitable. Election results, too, indicate a strong sentiment among voters for the black/white Republican approach, which so happens to mirror the party base’s theology.

PS — Here’s what’s wrong with Congress and Tim Griffin, the Rovian automaton, is in the lead. He wastes time introducing and passing political message bills with no chance of passage in Senate, while real problems go unheeded.