The Billionaire Boys Club has won. If Republican Mitt Romney — finger always held to the wind — is rolling out an education plan based on vouchers, you can guess he believes he’s riding the national tide.

(I know he doesn’t use the word “voucher.” But giving people money to pay private school tuition is a voucher in any language.)

In an increasingly have/have not society, no reason the school system shouldn’t be divided up the same way. The egalitarian U.S. school system — built on a premise of universality and equal treatment under the law — is so 1954. Separate and unequal return.

Now if Mormon Mitt Romney could also detect the changing tide on greater acceptance of sexual minorities. See the article today on a movement for fair treatment of gay people in the Mormon Church. If Mormons can change, can Arkansas evangelicals be far behind? (Wait. Don’t answer that question. Too depressing.)