AT ROOT OF FIRING: Religious oriented history series.

  • AT ROOT OF FIRING: Religious oriented “history” series.

Earlier, I reported on the silencing of Democratic legislators in Michigan by Republican leadership who resented female legislators’ anatomically correct references to body parts under discussion in anti-abortion legislation.


Now from Alabama comes more governmental silencing. The Alabama public television commission has sacked two TV execs who resisted running a series by televangelist David Barton, the quasi-historian who’s rewritten history books to favor his religious world view. The TV series similarly advances a religious conservative’s videw of American history. The Alabama execs said broadcast of religious programming could threaten the station’s license. (Watch it now on Trinity Broadcasting.)

He’s been influential with the Hot Springs governmental Taliban and Mike Huckabee has said people should be forced to read David Barton “at gunpoint.” Jon Stewart, generally too friendly by half to the Huckster, didn’t let him off easy on the subject of Barton.


People for the American Way has also done a thorough debunking of Barton. The American way is not the Alabama way, however.