I continue to receive copies of e-mail between Larry Bailey, the 4th District Republican chairman, and representatives of a Republican Party movement that favored Ron Paul in the presidential nominating process. The Pauliacs reportedly managed to win a handful, maybe four, of Arkansas delegates seats for the national convention in the district caucusing process by careful attention to rules and better turnout than other Republicans.

The small contingent among the 36 can’t accomplish much at the Tampa national convention except make a little noise. But there are some in the party who’d like to figure out a way to exclude them entirely. There’s talk of a movement against them at a coming state committee meeting. Best to ignore them, I think, lest the mainstream media finally get interested in real intraparty dissent, unlike the fascination with the John Wolfe protest vote in the Democratic primary. The state protest vote against Obama was real enough, but it had almost no representation among people actually seeking Democratic delegate slots.


The Bailey letter below gives you a flavor of papal-style discipline imposed in the GOP these days. It is “unethical” to use the rules against the majority will. This might give you a flavor of what a Republican majority legislature holds for Arkansas, when the majority “will” conflicts with rule, law or constitution, be it in religion, health, school or other practices. A good example came yesterday, when Republicans such as Mark Darr and Jon Hubbard demonstrated total deafness to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down most of Arizona’s punitive anti-immigration law.