THE SKY IS PINK from JFOX on Vimeo.

Josh Fox, who made “Gasland,” the influential documentary about gas fracking, is back with a new film, “The Sky is Pink.”

It’s another must-watch, particularly in Arkansas, where fracking continues unabated in the Fayetteville shale. No way fracking is going to stop here. Just like there’s no way the Arkansas legislature is likely toformally acknowledge the potential harm of greenhouse gases. Those deadly gases smell like money to the Chamber of Commerce ruling clique.

But it’s at least brain food as the state considers whether our low severance tax, producing maybe $50 million or so a year, is nearly enough against a half-billion in road damage alone, never mind inadequate environmental regulators and the risks waste dumping, big trucks and other aspects of the industry carry for the state.

Simple lessons from the new video: Cement casing in wells can fail. Chemicals can leak. Industry documents prove it. Wells also can cause migration of naturally occurring gas while drilling deeper for different gas.

Says Fox: “There’s no safe drilling. And they know it.”