SOME ARENT LAUGHING: Unhappy conservatives are blaming Obamas win on drug-addled chief justice.

  • Photo illustration by Gary He/Twitter @garyhe
  • SOME AREN’T LAUGHING: Unhappy conservatives are blaming Obama’s win on drug-addled chief justice.

The Republican messaging machine is running in high gear on Obamacare. It’s a tax. It’s socialism. It will be the ruination of America, economically, morally and spiritually. And so forth.

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But they’re havimg a hard time fitting rock-ribbed Republican Chief Justice John Roberts into the messaging. A strong line developed yesterday that Roberts had pulled a fast one by sacrificing a short-term loss on the president’s signature legislative achievement to the greater good of a wonderfully conservative interpretation of broader law. Plus, this theory goes, he provided some coverage of the reflexively political inclinations of the Republican court majority, evidenced in the lockstep four-vote dissent.

But it’s awfully hard to sell the notion that the outcome you fervently prayed against is, after all, a good thing.


So an alternate theory emerges:

Some conservatives are blaming the chief justice’s alliance with liberal justices on his epilepsy medication and cognitive problems. Drug-crazed, in other words. These compassionate conservatives will eat their young, too, if given a chance.


Still more crazed wing-nut reaction here. La. Gov. Bobby Jindal is leading the George Wallace Redux Movement, vowing not to allow implementation of broader health coverage for his state’s citizens. The Louisiana working poor and sick: Uninsured yesterday. Uninsured today. Uninsured forever. Thanks, Bobby.

And then there are the gun nutatics.


1) MAKEUP CALL: I probably gave Sen. Mark Pryor unduly short shrift yesterday over his statement responding to the Obamcare ruling. He voted for the law. His statement yesterday cited the many benefits. Lumping him with the reprehensible Mike Ross, who remains an unapologetic supporter as well as gun nut and civil liberites oppressor, just wasn’t fair. I give Pryor a second crack by repeating his statement on the jump.


2) SECOND DISTRICT: Herb Rule, Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, has a statement cheering the ruling. His Republican opponent, Rep. Tim Griffin, has been a consistent opponent of broadening health care coverage and supports the Ryan budget that would wreck Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.