Big shoes; big feet.

That’s my take on the long-awaited news on whom Gov. Mike Beebe would appoint to fill the seat on the state Board of Education that had been held by Dr. Ben Mays, a Clinton veterinarian. You want accountable? Mays demanded accountability. He led the charge for better reporting of school spending on athletics. He was in the vanguard of past-due Board accountability for promises made in charter school applications. He’ll be forever famous for getting a Belford University doctorate for his bulldog, Maxwell Sniffingwell, after a local Republican leader touted his Belford degree in a political context (the Tim Griffin campaign).


JAY BARTH: To Ed Board.

  • JAY BARTH: To Ed Board.

As I say, big shoes.


The big feet:

Beebe has appointed Dr. Jay Barth of Little Rock to succeed Mays. Barth, author and commentator on Arkansas politics, is distinguished professor of politics and chair of the politics and international relations department at Hendrix College. He also writes for the Arkansas Times. He is to serve through 2019.