GATE KNOCKED DOWN: At this marina.

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  • GATE KNOCKED DOWN: At this marina.

Channel 4 has a full report, except for naming the suspect, in $15,000 damage done at the Brady Mountain Marina about 10 p.m. Friday night. A Garland County sheriff’s report identifies a Pulaski sheriff’s lieutenant as causing thousands in damage to the electronically controlled marina gate after ramming it when he became angry at his girlfriend. He drove off without being questioned. A boat owner also reported his dog’s been missing since the gate was knocked out of service.

Channel 4 said it has not released the name of the suspect because no charges have been field.

I’m seeking a copy of the report.

UPDATE: Here’s the full report. The suspect is Lt. Corey Lawson, 33, who’s the supervisor of the narcotics and criminal apprehension teams for the sheriff’s office, Lt. Carl Minden said. Minden said Lawson was placed on administrative leave this morning pending the sheriff’s investigation of the incident in Garland County. So far, the office knows only what is contained in the report, Minden said. I left a call for Lawson on his cell phone, but it has not been returned. I’ve also asked the Garland sheriff’s office if any charges had or would be filed there. Spokesman Lt. James Martin responded: “Not yet, but probably will be.”