Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas has been joined by the family of Jevon Newman in establishing a memorial fund in honor of the UAMS resident killed recently when his bicycle was struck by a pickup near Plateau and Pine by the med school campus. The fund will be used to work to improve conditions for cyclists in Arkansas. From BACA’s website (where you can find information on contributions):


Some quotes from Jevon’s family:

“His favored means of transportation and exercise was bicycle riding, with skateboarding being a close second. He was an environmentalist in the deepest sense: always using stairs instead of elevators, bikes instead of cars, reusing every possible thing that could be reused, reading books from the library.”

“Jev’s greatest burning desire was to give back to society and mankind through the practice of medicine. He graduated from Medical School at University College Dublin in Ireland in June of this year, less than a week before his thirtieth birthday and had just moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to start his residency in Emergency Medicine…In the last weeks of his life, he was happier than he had ever been, setting up housekeeping, planning to buy a home, meeting and really liking his new colleagues and mentors at UAMS Emergency Department residency training program and starting the work of a resident physician.”

“Arkansas ranked last in the League of American Bicyclist’s ranking of all states. Shortly after Jevon had moved to Little Rock, less than a month ago, he talked about how little both cyclists and motorists seem to be prepared to interact in traffic together, and how little infrastructure the town provides for safe riding.

Jevon, trailblazer and environmentalist that he was, did not allow that to stop him from biking.”

Contributions have been received from around the world. BACA plans a memorial ride in October.