GREENWOOD RODEO: Effigy of Obama took a pounding.

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  • GREENWOOD RODEO: Effigy of Obama took a pounding.

A Facebook poster made a comment yesterday I hope to run down today relative to the Greenwood rodeo where clowns abused an effigy of President Obama and roused the crowd with an exhortation to tear its head off. Since it’s only good news if true, I repeat it hopefully:


The same clown company tried this the first night of the rodeo in Siloam Springs in 2010; our riding club reps said to knock it off or the company would not be invited back. Wonder if they keep track of where it’s acceptable and where it isn’t.

UPDATE: I haven’t nailed down this specific report, but I did talk to a rodeo circuit professional who worked at Siloam Springs last year. He said the committee that oversees that rodeo made it clear it wanted political humor avoided. I got an interesting rundown on tailoring humor skits and announcements to audiences. And, sure, everybody has an Obama joke. Example: Rider gets thrown. Takes a while to get up, but does. “Looks like he found out about Obamacare,” the announcer quips. I’m still on the trail of the crew that worked Greenwood. At this point, I’m just kind of interested in their take on a regional rodeo episode going viral on the web and cable.