The Sunday line is open. Guns remain on the minds of many. A blog reader sent the photo above, struck by the juxtaposition of the ad with the flag at half staff. Also:

* DISTURBED: A gun range owner in Colorado reports having received a “weird” message from the Aurora gunman, weird enough to raise warning flags.

* DISTURBED II: Mike Huckabee does it again. Just the other day, he equated homosexuality with pedophilia. Now, he’s getting beat up all over the blogosphere (well, there are some religio-cranks cheering him) for blaming the Colorado shootings on an absence of prayer in school and other forced religion in public life. They were praying in school when they were bombing children and fire-hosing people seeking human dignity in Alabama, weren’t they guv?

* THE SOCIAL NETWORK DOES BENTONVILLE: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a low-key visit to Bentonville Saturday for a private session with Walmart bigshots. Channel 4 reports.