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* NEW WEST MEMPHIS THREE BOOK: John Mark Byers, father of one of the three children killed in the West Memphis Three murder case in 1993, has a book out about his experiences in the case, “Untying the Knot: John Mark Byers and the West Memphis Three.” Byers underwent a transformation, as many did, from belief in guilt of the three teens arrested to a belief that justice has not yet been done in the case. He endured a period, too, when he was under suspicion.


* TIM GRIFFIN AND REPUBLICANS THINK YOU ARE EITHER A) STUPID or B) AS GREEDY AS THEY ARE: Give Republican Rep. Tim Griffin credit. There’s no doubt whose side he’s on, and it’s not workaday Arkansans:

House Republicans have scheduled another vote before recess on a bonanza giveaway to rich people, an extension of the Bush tax cuts. They’ve worked wonders, haven’t they?


It’s business as usual. In April, Griffin and House Republicans voted for a budget that cut ends Medicare as a government insurance plan and gave people with incomes over $1 million a whopping average tax cut of $125,000 per year.

* ANOTHER NEW HAND AT VETERANS AFFAIRS: Cissy Rucker, new head of the state Department of Veterans Affairs, has added another top staffer to replace departures from the old, troubled regime. Charles H. Johnson III, a retired Marine colonel and war veteran helicopter pilot, will join the department as deputy director Aug. 6.


* NEXT ASSIGNMENT: After Cissy gets things straight at the Vets offices, maybe Gov. Mike Beebe could send her back over to Career Education, where she spent a short period of time, and see if she could get Bill Walker and Co. to fly right. Channel 7, which has been dogging Walker over the hiring of an unqualified interpreter for service to the deaf, says Walker is meeting today with leaders of the deaf community to try to calm those particular waters. It has more to report tonight.

* FOOTBALL MADNESS: Among other coverage of SEC media days, the New York Times noted that the Southeastern Conference, dominant in football these days, has more football staff members than other colleges and the college presidents feel helpless to do anything about it.

At a typical workout for one of the league’s football teams, there might be 25 people who are either equipment managers or members of the sports medicine staff. Assistant coaches have staffs to organize film of high school recruits. Each position group has an equipment manager and an assistant trainer assigned to it for every practice. Video coordinators scurry with footage of the day’s activities.

But whoa. NCAA is cracking down. A new rule will limit schools to only FIVE strength and conditioning coaches.

* THE SUSPECT: A Colorado sheriff has released the booking photo of the man arrested for the Batman movie slaughter:



  • Arapahoe sheriff