NONSENSE: Tim Griffins legislation.

  • ‘NONSENSE’: Tim Griffin’s legislation.

A little embarrassment for U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin. Presuming he’s capable of shame. There’s a bad typo in the latest in a long run of empty political trick legislation that would make it ineffective until the unemployment rate hit 94 percent. In other words, without a fix, it’s even more meaningless.


A larger problem is the core of the bill itself. Even several Republicans say it’s stupid. It would block new federal regulation until employment was at an acceptable level.

Former Republican congressman Sherrod Boehlert recently wrote an op-ed in The Hill criticizing the GOP legislation, writing that “it would be difficult to exaggerate the sweep and destructiveness of the House bill.”

And there’s Bruce Bartlett, a former Reagan and Bush economist who said, “It’s just nonsense. It’s made up.”


Your 2nd District congressman at work. Nonsense.