Yet another media analysis blows up the myth of the liberal media (as seen on Romenesko).


Survey says: Republican voices quoted more often. More negative remarks toward President Obama.

No surprise to me. It’s a product, I think of two things: 1) The victimization game the Republicans/conservatives have long played well (the one in which, for example, Christians, who dominate the culture in every respect, are able to get away with saying they are being persecuted in the U.S.) and 2) Republican superiority in social media.


You see results of the latter all the time and the media don’t even notice. A paid Republican mouthpiece Twitters: “Why doesn’t some reporter ask Designated Democratic Candidate if she’s still beating her husband?” Before the day is out, the question has been asked, awkwardly denied (loaded questions are meant to be hard to deny) and the resulting “fair-and-balanced report” (allegation/denial) is circulated. This floats the talking point in free media, which is then rebroadcast via Twitter, Facebook, blast e-mail, blogs and other media outlets. Democrats are currently getting routed in this war.