Sekani and child

  • Sekani and child

The Little Rock Zoo announced today that Sekani, 21, a lowland gorilla, gave birth Sunday to an apparently healthy baby, sex not yet determined. There will be a baby shower at 11 a.m. Sept. 25. Don’t know what to buy a baby gorilla? No problem; there’s a gift registry. (Link fixed.)


The mother is said to be in good health “and immediately inspected, cleaned, and cradled her new baby and has shown signs of good motherly instinct,” the press release said. The baby is nursing well. Fossey, 26, is the father of the baby.

The infant is the second gorilla born at the zoo. Mosi, who recently joined a batchelor group at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, was born in 2006.


Zoo staff say the next few weeks will be critical in the baby’s development and bonding with mom. The gorilla family will be off view for the next few days. The may make a public appearance next Tuesday.

And now, the line really is open.