MSNBC Plaza in Charlotte

  • MSNBC Plaza in Charlotte

Perhaps the most vibrant spot in Charlotte outside the convention venues is the plaza where MSNBC is producing its programming this week. All of the major news outlets have a presence in Uptown Charlotte, but it is MSNBC, whose slogan “Lean Forward” parallels the Obama campaign’s “Forward.” (the period has been critiqued) tagline, that arouses the passions of DNC delegates and guests. One of NBC’s smartest commentators, Chuck Todd, said yesterday that the scene felt like ESPN’s “College Game Day” with the crowds (who persisted through some occasional strong rains yesterday afternoon) cheering their favorite MSNBC stars, like Chris Matthews, and guests including Rep. Barney Frank, while catcalling pro-Republican statements. The “Game Day” nature of the scene says more than a little about the polarization of today’s politics (I’ll leave that normative conversation to others for the moment since, like a good liberal arts professor, I can argue both sides of the debate). The energy at MSNBC plaza will reach new heights today as the real star of MSNBC’s evening programming Rachel Maddow begins to show her face.